Vision & Mission

Vision :

To become the most reputed Pharmacy College in the country offering best opportunities for pharmacy education & research for betterment of society.

Mission :

To develop this college as one of the best national level pharmacy educational & research institute by:
  1. Providing platform to students for their quality education & development of multi-dimensional personality.
  2. Developing sense of ethical & social responsibilities, profession alism & commitment among all the members of management, staff & students.
  3. Creating state of art infrastructure, research facilities & professional environment for perfecting students to be multi-skilled better prepared pharmacist to take up the global challenges of Pharmacy profession through discipline & strategic teaching programs.
  4. Collaborating with industries, academic & health care institutions for promotion of research, exchange of information, to enhance placement opportunities for students & to provide opportunities & lifelong support to its alumni in recognition of their special relationship to the college.